What YOU Can Do To Keep Oakland Beautiful.

Litter is bad

Do you want to keep Oakland beautiful? The answer seems rather obvious. Who wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to that? But, how can you keep Oakland beautiful? After all, you’re only one person in a city of 400,000.

Clearly, you can’t be the solution. However, you can be part of the solution.

Here’s a partial list of activities that each of us can do to keep Oakland beautiful:

  1. Maintain or beautify our yards.
  2. Paint our houses.
  3. Help a neighbor maintain or improve his/her property.
  4. Properly dispose of trash.
  5. Pick up litter (if we properly dispose of trash, we won’t have to pick up litter!).
  6. Recycle materials.
  7. Volunteer for a community environmental or beautification effort.
  8. Donate money to support a community environmental or beautification effort.
  9. Educate others about environmental or beautification issues.
  10. Serve as role models, demonstrating our commitment to keeping Oakland beautiful.

Private home, Oakland.


As individuals, we can only do so much to beautify Oakland, but together, we can create an army, 400,000 strong. Imagine the energy we could harness if all 400,000 of us contributed to the goal of keeping Oakland beautiful.

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is a saying attributed to the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. In this instance, it suggests that, by all of us working together, we can create greater value than if all of us worked independently of one another. By collaborating, we can accomplish things that none of us could do by ourselves. It’s a powerful concept.

Preservation Park, Oakland.


Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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