Plant trees in Oakland! (season premiere)

  • Saturday, November 14, 2015


  • new tree meetup place (until 9:15am only)

    1122 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA (map)

  • **This is the first planting day of Sierra Club’s planting season, after our summer off.  Welcome back!**

    Get a great start on your weekend by planting trees in Oakland!

    Volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club have been helping Oakland continue its public tree-planting program since early 2010. We have planted around 1,300 trees so far.

    What: Planting trees requested by Oakland homeowners (or schools, libraries, or parks).

    Who: You and your friends. No experience is needed, and we also welcome people who aren’t Sierra Club members. We will organize you into teams of three or four, including at least one experienced planter to lead each team. You should be able to lift 30 pounds (half of the weight of a new tree).  Wear closed-toed shoes, clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty, and a hat for sun protection; bring your own water and a snack. We provide the shovels, picks, brooms, and gloves.

    How: Dig a hole, remove the tree from its pot and put it into the ground, backfill the soil around the roots, and sweep the sidewalk clean. Most teams can plant 3 – 5 trees in four hours. (Don’t worry; we’ll teach you whatever you don’t know.) Other Sierra Club volunteers will do some follow-up work, such as placing a steel stake to help support a newly planted tree.

    Where: The trees may be anywhere in Oakland, but first we organize into teams at our staging area, 29th Avenue (near Fruitvale BART). You can bike or walk to join us.  If you have a car or truck, please consider bringing it to the meeting place, since we may ask you to drive other volunteers and supplies to planting locations a few miles from the staging area.

    When: Saturday mornings, 9 am to 1 pm, November through June. Join us as often as you like. Teams will leave the meeting place shortly after 9. If it is raining heavily, we won’t meet on that day.

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