KOB’s Great American Cleanup 2013: Reversing graffiti in Fruitvale


In June 2013, Keep Oakland Beautiful (KOB) successfully completed an anti-graffiti project that focused on a building that had been tagged for years. The building, located in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood, was in an industrial area and could be seen by thousands of BART public transit riders, which made it an attractive target for graffiti.

GAC 1   GAC 4

KOB, with the help of Councilman Noel Gallo (Oakland’s elected representative for District 5), and several local volunteer groups, painted over the graffiti over several weekends (multiple weekends were required as the building was large – covering nearly an entire city block – and particularly blighted). Early in the project, the building would be tagged every other day but by the end, a message had been delivered to those doing the tagging: graffiti will no longer be tolerated on this building.  As of early July, the building had remained graffiti free for over three weeks.

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