KOB — new t-shirts, reassuring identity

We finally decided to create a wearable identity by ordering t-shirts with our logo and URL on the front and KOB’s terrific mission statement on the back.

It’s reassuring to have something that we can wear to events such as Earth Day, the Great American Cleanup, Daffodil Day and the other public events we sponsor or in which we participate. Reassuring because KOB, unlike many Keep America Beautiful chapter affiliates, has not been able to afford having paid staff to manage our activities. So having tangible evidence of our place in Oakland’s efforts to create a clean, green and beautiful city, is important to KOB board members as we seek to increase our identity and brand in the city’s neighborhoods and downtown at City Hall.

Because our mission statement defines what we are doing and aspire to keep doing and grow upon, we felt that giving it prominence on the shirt would let everyone know what we’re all about.

Here’s what the shirt look like.  Let us know what you think.

And Happy Earth Day!

T-Shirt - front - Mar 2014 T-Shirt - back - Mar 2014

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