KOB Launches Kickstarter drive to fund ‘i do it 4 oakland’ mural project – donate today!

This innovative project invites young ‘Writers’ to collaborate with a property owner to transform a tagged building into a work of art.

The ‘i do it 4 oakland’ mural project reflects a ground breaking restorative justice model for Oakland’s new graffiti ordinance. This project incorporates young Oakland taggers and invites them to create a contemporary art piece on a building that they had previously tagged.

This innovative approach to graffiti prevention offers young artists the chance to design and legitimately work on a community mural project. By asking them to participate in the process of creating a mural, we believe these taggers will be invested in protecting their work from future tagging.

This unique and collaborative mural project brings together the volunteer group Keep Oakland Beautiful, District 5 Councilperson Noel Gallo, the art collective Rock Paper Scissors, young taggers and an affected property owner to transform a heavily tagged building into street art the entire community can enjoy.

In May 2013, a building chosen by Councilperson Noel Gallo’s office was adopted by Keep Oakland Beautiful, who painted the building every weekend in June, covering tags within 48 hours of their appearance. Word had gone out on the street that the ‘i do it 4 oakland ‘ project was not your usual mural project run by established muralists, but a pilot project inviting young taggers to transform their community, where they live, through art.

For dull details on the project and to donate please visit:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1532783942/i-do-it-4-oakland

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