Keep Oakland Beautiful Point of Interest: ‘Remember Them: Champions for Humanity’ Monument.

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The Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park in Uptown (at 19th St and Rashida Muhammad St) is home to one of the most inspiring monuments I’ve ever experienced. The ‘Remember Them: Champions for Humanity’ monument is the vision and work of local sculptor Mario Chiodo. Unveiled a year ago, this monument was cast in four sections, in 30 tons of bronze!  The tallest section stands 31 feet high.

Left to right: Ruby Bridges, Maya Angelu, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Thich Nhat Hanh, Chief Joseph

Remember Them 1

The monument pays tribute to 25 men and women who stood for peace, freedom, and human rights. These ‘champions of humanity’ are diverse — ethnically, culturally, socially, religiously, and politically.

These champions are:

Ruby Bridges                                                     Helen Keller

Maya Angelou                                                   Abraham Lincoln

Franklin Delano Roosevelt                                   Regoberta Menchu

Mother Teresa                                                   Winston Churchill

Thich Nhat Hanh                                                Malcolm X

Chief Joseph                                                      Cesar Chevez

Oskar Shindler                                                   The unknown rebel of Tiananmen Square

Frederick Douglass                                             Elie Wiesel

Rosa Parks                                                        Susan B. Anthony

Ralph David Abernathy                                        Harvey Milk

Martin Luther King, Jr.                                         Shirin Ebadi

Coretta Scott King                                              Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi

Left to right: Elie Weisel, Cesar Chevez, Susan B. Anthony, Malcolm X, Harvey Milk

Remember Them 2

In addition, there are tributes to 14 local champions of humanity:

Joyce Taylor                                                       Carmen Flores

Henry J. Kaiser                                                   Josie De La Cruz

Mary Ann Wright                                                 Royal Towns

Joaquin Miller                                                      Ina Coolbrith

Fred Korematsu                                                  John Grubensky

Dr. Marcus Foster                                               Ansel Hall

Oleta Abrams                                                     Ohlone Woman

The next time you’re in Uptown, I encourage you to walk amongst these giants who, one way or another, changed the world. The monument is a beautiful expression of humanity and courage.

Oskar Shindler and Frederick Douglass

Remember Them 3

Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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