Keep Oakland Beautiful Point of Interest: Preservation Park.

Keep Oakland Beautiful Points of Interest remind us of how interesting and beautiful Oakland is and why we should care about protecting it.

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Bounded by 11th and 14th Sts, Castro Street, and Martin Luther King Way, Preservation Park offers a window into 19th century Oakland. The park was developed during the 1970s, in a deteriorating downtown neighborhood,  through a City of Oakland public and private partnership. It includes five original 19th century homes that have been fully restored, plus 11 renovated Victorians relocated from other parts of Oakland in order to avoid the wrecking ball.

Today, the park represents an upscale 19th century neighborhood amidst beautiful palm trees, flowers, benches, street lamps, and a central fountain. As you relish the peace and manicured beauty of the neighborhood, you could almost forget that a bustling, 21st century city lies just beyond the park’s perimeter.

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Included in this slice of Victorian Oakland are a variety of historical architectural styles, such as Italianate, Queen Anne, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and English Arts and Crafts.

The park is open to the public during the day, although entrance into the homes is not. The park may be rented for weddings, business meetings, and other events.

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The restoration effort of Preservation Park is the epitome of what it means to keep Oakland beautiful. The next time you’re downtown, plan on taking a short walk through time and visit this historic development, situated in our own backyard.

Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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