Keep Oakland Beautiful Point of Interest: Oakland Aviation Museum.

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If you like airplanes like I do, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Oakland Aviation Museum, located at Old North Field, 8252 Earhart Road, adjacent to Oakland International Airport. This small, but well-heeled museum boasts more than thirty old airplanes, ranging from small private planes to a flying boat to military jet fighters.

Short Solent Mk. III Flying Boat

Flying Boat 08-14-14


In the photo above is one of only three surviving Short Solent Mk. III Flying Boats. This particular aircraft flew to exotic locales such as Fiji, Tahiti, Sydney, and Honolulu. At the end of its career in the late 1950s, the flying boat was kept here in Oakland.

In addition to the aircraft outside, the museum offers indoor displays and exhibits including several flight simulators, historic aviation artifacts and information, and even a World War II bombsight that allowed US Army Air Force bombardiers to drop their deadly payloads with unprecedented accuracy.

Kittfox IV 1200

Dragon plane 08-15-14


The Kittfox IV 1200 shown above is made from a kit. It was painted sky blue then the dragon was laboriously hand-painted, so that, when in the air, the plane would blend with the sky, leaving only the image of a flying dragon!

The museum is open to the public from 10am to 4pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Please refer to the museum’s website for further details at

US Navy Grumman KA-6D Intruder flown in the Vietnam War

Intruder 08-15-14


The Oakland Aviation Museum is not a modern facility offering lots of frills. But, if you’re interested in the history of aviation, it’s worth a visit. The museum helps us understand how manned flight has evolved over the course of the last century and provides an interactive sense of the beauty and power of the historical airplanes being showcased.

Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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