Keep Oakland Beautiful Point of Interest: Mountain View Cemetery.

Keep Oakland Beautiful Points of Interest remind us of how interesting and beautiful Oakland is and why we should care about protecting it.

Graves, Mountain View Cemetery.


Spread across 226 acres of hillside in the Piedmont section of Oakland, Mountain View Cemetery (5000 Piedmont Avenue) has interred many famous and not famous individuals during its 150 year existence. Established in 1863, the cemetery is the final resting place for many local luminaries. A partial list of famous people buried in Oakland’s soil among the oaks includes:

  • Warren A. Bechtel: Founder of Bechtel Company.
  • Charles Crocker: One of the ‘Big Four’ that built the Central Pacific Railroad.
  • Domingo Ghirardelli: Of Ghirardelli Chocolate fame.
  • Annie Glud: Masqueraded as drummer boy for General Ullyses S. Grant during the Civil War.
  • David Hewes: Donator of ‘the golden spike’ that connected the Transcontinental Railroad.
  • Bobby Hutton: First treasurer of the Black Panther Party.
  • Henry J. Kaiser: Shipbuilder, dam builder, founder of Kaiser Permanente and Kaiser Steel.
  • Mac Dre: Rap artist.
  • John Marsh: First doctor in California, early East Bay pioneer.
  • Alice Marsh-Camron: First owner of the historic Camron-Stanford House.
  • Dr. Samuel Merritt: Former Oakland Mayor and developer.
  • Julia Morgan: Architect of Hearst Castle.
  • George Pardee: California Governor, founder of EBMUD, resident of historic Pardee Home.
  • William T. Shorey: Only African-American whaling captain on the Pacific Coast.
  • Elizabeth Short: Murder victim known as ‘Black Dahlia.’
  • Francis Marion Smith: ‘The Borax King’ of ’20 Mule Team Borax’ fame; established Key Transit System in Oakland and surrounding areas.

There are also several California Governors, numerous other politicians and businesspeople, soldiers dating back to the Civil War, and many others buried in the cemetery.

Francis Marion ‘Borax’ Smith Mausoleum.


In addition to being a resting place for the dead, Mountain View Cemetery offers a quiet and peaceful place to walk or enjoy wildlife. Numerous species of birds frequent the cemetery, as do deer and other mammals of the Oakland Hills. You can leisurely study the various styles of architecture to be found in the mausoleums and statues or simply enjoy the gorgeous views of Oakland and the Bay.

 Crocker Mausoleum with downtown Oakland and the Bay in the distance.IMG_1312

Mountain View Cemetery is the vision of landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for his designs of Central Park in New York City, the Capitol Grounds in Washington, DC, and Stanford University. Olmsted sought to create an environment that captured the relationship between man and nature. He clearly succeeded.

Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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