Keep Oakland Beautiful Point of Interest: Arbor Villa Palm Trees.

Keep Oakland Beautiful Points of Interest remind us of how interesting and beautiful Oakland is and why we should care about protecting it.


Located along 9th Avenue, between E 24th and E 28th Streets, and continuing for a distance up Bayview Avenue, is an Oakland landmark known as the Arbor Villa Palm Trees. These trees are actually Mexican Fan Palms (a.k.a., Washingtonia Robusta) that once marked the eastern boundary of Francis ‘Borax’ Smith’s 19th century estate (no longer there). The trees were planted in a long row during the 1890s and can be seen from more than a mile away.

Palms 08-15-14

Mexican Fan Palms are native to northern Mexico and Baja California and stand 80 feet or so tall. The trunks are long and a bit wavy in shape, topped by a mop of leaves, about three feet long. The shaggy-headed trees remind me of a fireworks display.

These trees beautify this already attractive neighborhood of well-cared for homes that sit on a rise to the east of Lake Merritt.


Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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