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Creek to Bay Day 2011

Creek to Bay Day 2011 photo: Christopher Waters

Imagine if you gave a party and no one came.

For us here at Keep Oakland Beautiful (KOB), it’s not quite like that, butsometimes getting volunteers to help out for the clean, green, beautiful, and litter-free activities and events we head up is a challenge.

Keep Oakland Beautiful’s mission is “…to create and sustain a beautiful, clean, green, litter-free city through education, community engagement and volunteer action.”

That last part: volunteer action, is vitally important to us in realizing the promise of our mission.

We sponsor the Great American Cleanup and Daffodil Days along with a successful Small Grants program. We also participate in, and commit to turning out volunteers for, Creek to Bay Day and the annual Litter Index.

KOB could make an even greater impact on Oakland being clean, green, litter-free, and beautiful if we can attract more interested, committed, passionate people, perhaps like yourself since you’re at our site reading this blog, to come out and roll up your sleeves.

Picking up litter, removing graffiti, cleaning a clogged storm drain, putting in edible plants.

Look at it this way: at the least, it’s good, fun exercise and at its best, volunteering is a great feel-good opportunity.

P.S. As we re-launch our web site, we are looking for pictures around town of beautiful landscapes, bad litter, and clean or green images. If you let us use your photos, we’ll give you generous acknowledgement.

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