Hanging Gardens and Containers.

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My wife, Lori, loves to garden, but our backyard is small and half-covered by a concrete patio. To get the most out of our space, she had to get creative. One thing she did was to use the vertical space in the yard. She had a redwood overhang constructed on the patio and this became her anchor and focal point for a hanging garden.

garden 1

Redwood post surrounded by pots and hanging plants.

garden 2

A hanging garden basket can hold a variety of flowers and plants.

For starters, Lori got garden hooks of different sizes and she used them to hang potted plants at different heights. She also used the wooden posts to attach garden baskets and to train flowering vines on. Interspersed with the plants, she hung different ornaments, such as old bells and lanterns.

garden 3

The redwood structure is a jungle gym for a family of squirrels. This guy’s entranced by the hanging ‘witch ball’ – according to Canadian folklore, spheres of blown glass, containing tendrils of glass threads, will capture any evil spirits that gaze upon them. Oh, I forgot to mention not to look at the witch ball. Are you still here?…

garden 4

A Clematis climbing vine entwined around an old birdcage hanging from the redwood structure.

Lori surrounded the wooden posts with large pots and old, hand-blown wine bottles of different shapes and colors. In this way, she was able to maximize the backyard space for gardening by planting in pots on the patio and using the space above to suspend additional, cascading flowers.

garden 5

We like to mix things up, but others might prefer a more orderly and formal approach.

garden 6

We prefer eclectic groupings and splashes of color around the wooden posts to looking at a slab of concrete.

So, if you have big gardening aspirations, but you’re short on space, don’t fret, try containers and using your vertical space.

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