Daffodils Are Blooming.

In October, Keep Oakland Beautiful gave out 4,000 daffodil bulbs to various groups who agreed to plant them in visible, public spaces throughout the community. Given the rainy winter we’ve had thus far, the daffodils are already starting to bloom.

Here are a few early photos of public areas in Oakland that have been graced by daffodil bulbs planted by local volunteers. We appreciate your sharing these photos with us.

Michelle Doppelt

Courtesy of Michelle Doppelt.

Jeanine Harmon

Courtesy of Jeanine Harmon.

Andrea Fournier

Courtesy of Andrea Fournier.

B Bodnar

Courtesy of Bob Bodnar.

Mary Forte

Courtesy of Mary Forte.

IMG_20160303_170232 (1)

Courtesy of Elisabeth Brandon.


Courtesy of Naomi Schiff.


Courtesy of Leslie Cleaver-Wood.


Courtesy of Andrea Silvestri.


Courtesy of Maria Vermiglio.

We want to acknowledge all the volunteers who helped with the bulb planting last fall. We all look forward to seeing more daffodils around Oakland as we head into March.

Keeping Oakland Beautiful is everybody’s business.

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