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Vote Daily Through February 9th to Win Funding of a Community Garden in West Oakland.

Scotts Miracle-Gro launched a community outreach initiative in 2011 called GRO1000. The purpose of the initiative is to create 1,000 community gardens and green spaces by 2018. Four cities, including Oakland, are vying for a grant to fund a local community garden. The Lowell Park Market Farm, in West Oakland, is one of the candidates. […]

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The Benefits of Community Gardens.

Community gardens are plots of land cared for by groups of people who agree to share the cost, effort, and produce of the garden. Their origin in our country predates the American Revolution, the 1759 Community Garden at Historic Bethabara Park, in what is now Winston-Salem, North Carolina, being considered the first such garden. Bethabara […]

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Rewards for Reporting Illegal Dumping

Oakland, CA – The City of Oakland is launching a new program that will provide monetary rewards to people who report illegal dumping. Witnesses can receive up to half of all penalties collected in successful enforcement actions based on the witness’s reports. This is an exciting new program that will send the message that Oakland […]

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Oakland’s Adopt-A-Drain Program.

Earlier this year, the City of Oakland established an Adopt-A-Drain program, aimed at keeping the city’s 10,000-plus water drains open and functioning. Keeping the city’s drains open is especially important during the fall and winter rainy season when debris can clog drains like the one shown below and cause street and sidewalk flooding. Before… … […]

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Discouraging Illegal Dumping and Defacement.

Pop quiz: What can you do to discourage illegal dumping on your property? a. Put up a sign that says, ‘Please Do Not Illegally Dump On My Property.’ b. Hire a private security force to patrol your perimeter. c. Dig a moat around your property and erect a drawbridge. d. Start with a few less […]

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Calling on Oakland Businesses.

Keeping Oakland beautiful is not just the responsibility of Oakland’s 400,000 residents. It is also the responsibility of the many large and small employers whose businesses reside in Oakland. Many Oakland businesses contribute to the community, directly or indirectly. They help address local issues, support the arts, and sponsor other fine activities that benefit the […]

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Helping Oakland’s Homeless.

Homelessness is an ongoing issue in our country and, closer to home, in our city and county. You might be wondering, ‘what does homelessness have to do with keeping Oakland beautiful?’ For me, our job of beautifying Oakland isn’t successful, if we’ve left a portion of our community behind. Let’s look at a couple of […]

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What can you do when you see illegal dumping?

Pop quiz: You see a beat-up boxspring, mattress, and couch, illegally dumped on the side of the road where you live. What can you do? a)      Complain that everybody except you is irresponsible, then go on about your day. b)      Rent a truck and dump the eye-sore on somebody else’s property. c)       Call the Mayor […]

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What YOU Can Do To Keep Oakland Beautiful.

Do you want to keep Oakland beautiful? The answer seems rather obvious. Who wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to that? But, how can you keep Oakland beautiful? After all, you’re only one person in a city of 400,000. Clearly, you can’t be the solution. However, you can be part of the solution. Here’s a partial list of […]

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Keeping Oakland Beautiful is Everybody’s Business

Posted on behalf of Eric Saltmarsh, KOB Board Member As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Keep Oakland Beautiful (KOB) exists to preserve the environment of the Oakland community it serves. With a mission ‘to create and sustain a beautiful, clean, green, litter-free city through education, community engagement, and volunteer action,’ KOB aims to identify environmental […]

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