Calling on Oakland Businesses.


Keeping Oakland beautiful is not just the responsibility of Oakland’s 400,000 residents. It is also the responsibility of the many large and small employers whose businesses reside in Oakland.

Many Oakland businesses contribute to the community, directly or indirectly. They help address local issues, support the arts, and sponsor other fine activities that benefit the community.

Our local businesses represent a unique opportunity to keep Oakland beautiful because they have the means to contribute larger amounts of money to projects than individual residents can and they can encourage their employees to volunteer time and donate to local beautification efforts.

With their collective influence, both in terms of people and money, Oakland businesses can also collaborate with one another to provide even greater resources and synergies to a project, transcending what individual residents can provide. As a result of organizing and pooling resources, Oakland businesses can contribute to major beautification efforts and accomplish great and positive change in our community.

Whether it’s by planting trees; improving a local basketball court to give our youth a positive outlet; helping to bring farmer’s markets to additional neighborhoods; creating jobs to help the unemployed; supporting art and education; ‘adopting a spot’ and keeping it litter-free; donating resources to support the homeless or whatever, Oakland’s businesses can and do provide critical support that helps keep Oakland beautiful.


For those organizations that already support the Oakland community, we salute you and encourage you keep up the good work — you make a difference. For those businesses that have yet to seize the opportunity to contribute resources in support of the Oakland community, we challenge you to do so — you, too, can make a difference.

Oakland residents and local businesses can organize their efforts and resources in a variety of ways that, when taken together, can have a huge and lasting impact on our community.

Keeping Oakland beautiful is everybody’s business.

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