2014 Keep Dimond Clean Fundraiser

YOUR HELP is needed to “Stash the Trash” by contributing to the 2014 Keep Dimond Clean Fundraiser.
This campaign is almost at the annual goal of $12,000.
See the current status at  http://keepdimondclean.com
Thank you to residents and friends of Dimond who have already made contributions to this campaign!
Keep Dimond Clean

Keep Dimond Clean volunteers. Photo by Tim Chapman.

If you would like to contribute $10, $15, $25 or $50 to this effort, NOW is the time.

These funds go toward the paid 5-day a week clean up in the Dimond district.  A steady group of volunteers work the other 2 days every week to help keep Dimond clean.
Maybe you don’t have the time to come out to pick up litter OR maybe you don’t like to pick up litter BUT you can join this effort by donating to this campaign which pays for the 5-day a week maintenance crew.  This not only contributes to clean sidewalks but also helps keep litter from going into Sausal Creek and into the Bay.
Please donate online at http://keepdimondclean.com
OR, print out the form (click on “Pay by Check” form, right hand column) at this website and mail a check (directions are on the form, make sure you put “DIA” on the envelope above the address so the post office box accepts the mail).  Checks are payable to Friends of Oakland Park and Recreation (FOPR), fiscal sponsor for this fundraiser and all donations are tax deductible.
Thank you,
Kathleen Russell
Supporting Keep Dimond Clean
A Program of the Dimond Improvement Association
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